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How to create an NPC with ServerNPC

Creating an NPC

You can create it in various ways. The first and most common it's Mojang names. But here's the list of the supported methods in ServerNPC.
  • Mojang
  • Mineskin
  • Self Skin


To create a NPC with Mojang name it's very very simple.
/npc create test1 iSnakeBuzz_
If you typed this command, you will notice the NPC has spawned with my skin, but you can change my name (iSnakeBuzz_) for anyone name.
Only if the name it's a Premium account, if not, it will be appear as a Steve.

Mineskin allows you to generate skin texture data signed by Mojang. These can be used on ingame skull blocks or to change a player's skin using some packet magic :).
Said by Mineskin.
It allow you to upload Skins without needing a Minecraft Account. Well, you can use the generated IDS in ServerNPC to create fantastics NPCs.
/npc create test2 420161720
And done, you've created a NPC with Mineskin. Very simple, right?

Self Skin

Well, to use this you need PlaceholderAPI installed in your Server. If you don't know what it is, I fully recommend you to read the official page. But simplifying that, it's a library of placeholders.
First of all you need to install the Player extension to continue.
/papi ecloud download Player
/papi reload
Execute both commands to a correct installation of the extension. Then we can continue with the NPC creation.
/npc create test3 %player_name%
Well, that very easy, if you don't see your Skin, probably you are a cracked player, at the moment we are working on a fix to work with SkinsRestorer but do not have a estimated time for that.